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Computer Literacy & Skill Training Program @ Schools & Colleges
BRAINWEB is authorised by Department of Technical Education, Training & Skill Development, Govt. of West Bengal to impart IT Skill training @ Schools & Colleges. At present we are associated with 80+ leading Govt. & Govt. Sponsored schools and Colleges across the state whereby incorporating WINDOWS & LINUX based IT & ITES training programme to more than 75000 students.
NIELIT Digital Literacy Courses for Youth
BRAINWEB is the authorised Facilitation Centre for DIGITAL LITERACY COURSES (DLC) of NIELIT under Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India
SCOPE: Skill & Career Orientation Program for Youth Employment

Skill Training Programs on Information Technology for Youth @ School & College campus along with Career Planning & Job Opportunities.
Aiming at creation of largest centralized repository of Knowledge & education on IT & ITES and soft skills (primarily in Bengali / English language) for affordable accessibility of students without any barrier.



“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it”-Marian Wright Edelman. We aim to touch lives through awakening the potential of available resources and professionals through personal awareness, tools, skills motivational empowerment, training, education & development.


“Economists who have studied the relationship between education and economic growth confirm what common sense suggests: The number of college degrees is not nearly as important as how well students develop cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving ability”. – Derek Bok.

Enhance the skills of the individuals and the capacity of the entire sector in a manner that is consistent with the objectives of each and every client’s needs.


“True Education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth” – Mahatma Gandhi.

By incorporating high standards in delivery system and utilize the existing opportunities.

Our Company

Vision: Skilling People, Enhancing Livelihoods, Creating Opportunities & Transforming Lives.

At Brainweb Info Solution we aim to close the skills gap through uplifting, upholding and improving all Training, Education and Development projects through personal and professional awareness…


a) Computer Literacy & Skill Training Programme @ Schools & Colleges

b) NIELIT Approved Digital Literacy Courses

c) BRAINWEB ACADEMIA- Integrated Learning Management Solutions for Academic Institutions

d) BRAINWEB EXCEL – Excellence in Communicative English Learning & Soft Skills Training

e) Brainweb Digital


Online Classes on Computer Literacy & Training